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How Do Tesla Roof Tiles Impact Modern Home Builds?

Sustainability is becoming a big part of modern home design. Today’s lover of modern design cares about more than attractive architecture. They want to design a home to limit the environmental impact. When it comes to sustainable modern design, one of the first things to consider is the energy supply. Consuming less from the grid by relying on solar power is becoming a common feature of modern home...

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Top 7 Goals of LEED Certified Projects

You may already be familiar with LEED certification. It is the most widely used standard for green building projects. The idea is to promote building projects that are better for the environment while also being better for humans. The goals of LEED-certified projects can help us build better homes while conserving resources and protecting the environment. This post will cover the goals of LEED...


Should Modern Homes Use Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla’s green energy products are becoming popular in modern home design. Talk of Tesla Powerwall and what it can do for home energy consumption is increasing. With that said, many homeowners are unsure of how modern homes use the Tesla Powerwall. Homeowners are also unclear whether it would be beneficial or cost-effective to install one. Should Modern Homes Use Tesla Powerwall? What is a Tesla...

8 Steps to Make Your Modern Home Eco-Friendly

Our homes offer some of the best opportunities to reduce our carbon footprints and make our lives more sustainable. You can also make your modern home eco-friendly in several ways. With sustainable living becoming an important priority among homebuyers, green upgrades can also be an excellent investment. These upgrades can help a homeowner save on utilities while they live in the home, and they can...

Eco Friendly Modern Home

How Eco-Friendly Modern Homes Revolutionize Today’s Market

The environmental impact of modern life is becoming an increasing concern. People want to live more sustainable lives and limit their impact on the environment. For many, eco-friendly modern homes have a significant role in making our lives more sustainable. Real estate markets are seeing increased interest in sustainable living, changing the way homebuyers look for homes. It is also creating a shift...

LEED Certified House

What Does a LEED Certified Project Mean? 

The desire for a more sustainable life is growing. People want to conserve resources, live in healthier homes, and do what they can to protect the environment. This demand leads many to the idea of a LEED-certified project. LEED Certified Projects LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a third-party rating system and certification program run by the US Green Building...

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