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Portland Window Treatments

Window Treatment Experts in Portland, OR

Finding the right window treatments is often the most challenging part of designing a room. You want them to be functional, but you also want them to fit your style. Working with a window treatment expert can be one way to ensure you get the right coverings for your windows. Check out the following window treatment experts in Portland for blinds, curtains, shades, and more. 4 Window Treatment Experts...

Famous Modern Interior Decorators in Miami

Miami has its own take on modern design. If you move into one of these modern homes, you will need an interior design that fits this style. Fortunately, there are many modern interior decorators in Miami. With Miami's unique twist on modernism, the city is home to several notable interior decorators. Besides being in demand in the city, many designers have clients worldwide. This article will cover...

Austin Modern Home Design Trends

Modern Home Design Trends in Austin

Austin is always at the leading edge of style and design. The city has a reputation for creativity and innovation. This element of culture even shows up in the home design trends in Austin. What are some of the latest home design trends showing up in Austin? This article will look at a few trends in Austin home designs. Home Design Trends in Austin Contemporary Design Contemporary design is...

mid-century living room

Types of Furniture for Mid-Century Homes

Designing a mid-century modern home means selecting furniture that fits the style. Much like modern design, you are looking for clean lines and functionality. With that said, furniture for mid-century homes is distinct. For example, these pieces might have a broader range of colors. Furniture in mid-century design can also be a little more stylistic. Beyond that, you also have different pieces that are...

Portland Modern Furniture Store

Where to Buy Modern Furniture in Portland

You have your modern home; you need to design the interior. Fortunately, there are several places to buy modern Furniture in Portland. Check out our list of some of the top places to shop for modern Furniture in Portland. Places to Buy Modern Furniture in Portland Legacy Modern 2105 SE 7th Ave, Portland - (503) 270-6492  Legacy Modern is an excellent place to start your search for...

Modern Kitchen

How to Design Your Modern Kitchen

A stylish modern kitchen can be the best feature of a home. With that said, people often get off track when designing a kitchen. This post will look at tips to design your modern kitchen. Design Your Modern Kitchen With These Tips Food Prep First  Modern home design is all about putting function first. Food prep has to be the top priority when designing the kitchen space. Think about how you...

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