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Portland Window Treatments

Window Treatment Experts in Portland, OR

Finding the right window treatments is often the most challenging part of designing a room. You want them to be functional, but you also want them to fit your style. Working with a window treatment expert can be one way to ensure you get the right coverings for your windows. Check out the following window treatment experts in Portland for blinds, curtains, shades, and more. 4 Window Treatment Experts...

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Top Portland Custom Cabinet Makers

Cabinets serve an obvious function: you need them to store and organize kitchenware. As much as the practical function of cabinets is important, you also want them to fit the style of your kitchen. While stock cabinets are more affordable, custom cabinets offer exceptional craftsmanship and unlimited versatility. This post will look at the top Portland custom cabinet makers. 4 Portland Custom Cabinet...

Portland Modern Furniture Store

Where to Buy Modern Furniture in Portland

You have your modern home; you need to design the interior. Fortunately, there are several places to buy modern Furniture in Portland. Check out our list of some of the top places to shop for modern Furniture in Portland. Places to Buy Modern Furniture in Portland Legacy Modern 2105 SE 7th Ave, Portland - (503) 270-6492  Legacy Modern is an excellent place to start your search for...

Modern Portland House

Top 5 Modern Home Architects in Portland

Beyond its diverse culture and spirit of innovation, Portland has a reputation as a healthy, forward-thinking city. People from all over the country move to Portland to join this exciting community. With so many people moving to Portland, we will need more homes. Modern design is a big part of building a home that fits Portland's culture. Portlanders want homes with unique modern designs; they want...

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