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Famous Modern Interior Decorators in Miami

Miami has its own take on modern design. If you move into one of these modern homes, you will need an interior design that fits this style. Fortunately, there are many modern interior decorators in Miami. With Miami's unique twist on modernism, the city is home to several notable interior decorators. Besides being in demand in the city, many designers have clients worldwide. This article will cover...

Modern Miami Architecture

Iconic Modern Architecture in Miami

The influence of modernist architecture during the 20th Century is unmistakable. It is even popular to this day. If you look at modern architecture in Miami, you see a distinct version of modernism. You can see a touch of art deco style and a little influence on Mediterranean revival. It makes for a unique style that gives Miami architecture a distinct feel. As a result of this unique style, Miami...

Seafood restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurants in SoBe Miami

What is the first thing most people think of when it comes to South Beach? Maybe it is the gorgeous beaches. If not that, they probably think of the extraordinary nightlife scene. While those are the most notable attractions, you can also find many good seafood restaurants in SoBe Miami. As a city on the sea, it is no wonder there are so many places to go for great seafood. Where should you go for...

Miami Events

Best Summer Events in Miami 2022

Miami is a vibrant city with so much going on. It seems like the action never stops in this tropical paradise. If you are looking for action, Miami summers have plenty to offer, and this past summer was no exception. Let’s look at a few top summer events in Miami 2022. Summer Events in Miami 2022 Between the beaches and the nightlife, Miami is a city with so much excitement. When it comes to...

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